4 things that only Madrid has

  1. The oldest restaurant in the world – Founded in 1725, Sobrino de Botin is the world’s oldest eatery and tavern. It’s listed in the Guinness Book of Records and known for its traditional Spanish cuisine. The restaurant is also known for its delicious suckling pig.
  2. Palacio de Cristal (Crystal Palace) – This unique structure is “made up almost entirely of glass” and is located in Retiro Park. Since 1887, locals and tourists have wondered at this beautiful building where art exhibits from the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofia are housed. It was designed by Ricardo Velázquez Bosco, and it originally held tropical plant life from the then-Spanish colony the
  3. Unique and original shops – Whether you want an artisan-created Spanish cape (Capas Seseña, est. 1901), a delightful pastry (Antigua Pastelería del Pozo, est. 1830), or a genuine pair of espadrilles (Casa Hernanz, est. 1840), Madrid is the only place you’ll find them.
  4. Stunning pieces of art (a Picasso and a Velázquez) – Pablo Picasso’s La Guernica can be seen in the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía. It’s epic size alone (11 feet tall by 25 feet wide) makes this 1937 piece of art impressive. Because it’s a Picasso, it draws the viewer in and doesn’t let go. Not far from Reina Sofía is the Museum del Prado, home of the 1656 painting by Diego VelázquezLas Meninas. To say this painting of the royal family is beautiful is a vast understatement. You must see it in person to appreciate this masterpiece.