5 Classes That Will Change Your Culinary Life

There’s nothing like visiting a new location in the world and falling in love with its cuisine. On one hand, it’s exciting because you’ve discovered flavors and a culinary experience you never had before. On the other hand, when you return home, you won’t be able to experience it again. Or can you?

Yes, you can! If you take a cooking class in Madrid, you can learn how to make some of your favorite dishes and reproduce them anywhere in the world.

Food is a big part of Spanish culture. With paella being the country’s most renowned dish and tapas such popular classics, it’s not surprising that the cooking classes offer both of these. Here are examples of cooking classes you can take in Madrid so you can cook like a local Spanish chef.

Cooking Point
For the best four hours you can spend cooking in Madrid, head to the center of the city to Cooking Point. They offer hands-on, family friendly classes year-round. Cooking Point classes are taught by native Spaniards, and the school buys nearly everything from food to supplies from local, small, traditional businesses. If you have food allergies, they will work with you and accommodate your needs. And if all that isn’t enough for you, reviewers on TripAdvisor rank them as the number one cooking classes in Madrid!

Soy Chef (I’m a Chef)
Tapas, paella, and Sangría, oh my! Who doesn’t want to know how to make tapas? Here you’ll spend three hours learning all there is to know about Spanish tapas from your local guide, or you can take the paella cooking class. The paella class is a “fun introduction to the Spanish gastronomic culture.”

Cook Madrid
Cook Madrid offers, of course, paella and tapas cooking classes. They are currently offering the 10 Tapas cooking class, during which participants will take a culinary trip around Spain while learning to make 10 different tapas. In addition, there will be a “wine pairing during class originating from the best wine regions” in the country.

A Taste of Spain
The private cooking classes by A Taste of Spain show you how to prepare some delicious regional recipes. You’ll make your own authentic, Spanish, three-course lunch, which will be accompanied with some excellent Spanish wine. And as they note, “your class is individual, and specifically designed, just for you.”

When you sign up for their workshop, “Spanxperience,” you’re going to be immersed in “Spanish culture, gastronomy, and curiosities.” Spaneasy also offers Flamenco dance classes, weekend trips, and more. They’re a one-stop-shop for a Spanish adventure you won’t forget!