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  • Bachelorette Party in Madrid

Hot Air Balloon

The best way to see Madrid. Enjoy a wonderful view with all your friends !


Take an hour (or more) to relax before the big day ! And because it’s your day, we’re offering you a home massage with the best masseuses of Madrid.

Wine Tasting

Taste 6 different wines with a complimenting tapas at one of the best wine bars of Madrid.


The segway sightseeing tours includes the most important points that every tourist visit to Madrid should include. On board this electric device you can walk the medieval streets of the city in a comfortable and amusing way.

Limo Tour

Enjoy Madrid from a different view. Relax, sit back and enjoy the champagne in a luxe limo and get driven around the city.

Flamenco Show

When you are in Span you can’t skip the real Spanish Flamingo Show. Sit back with a drink and enjoy the show.

Pole Dancing Courses

Feel like doing a more active activity? Enjoy one of the most sensual sports in the world. Stretch those legs and go high.

Chef at Home

Don’t bother about anything and enjoy a wonderful meal cooked by experienced chefs! Choose what you want to eat and just relax.

Escape Room

Looking for an exciting experience? Try and get out as fast as you can at one of the most trilling escape rooms.

Beer Pong

Part of your duties as best man are to find some great activities. What better game to start things off than beer pong?

Male Stripper

Sit back, relax and enjoy your own stripper show. What better activity for the last day before the ring ?


Start with walking end with crawling. Enjoy different drinks in 3 different bars and 1 club and get a free shot at every new location!

Guided Tour Prado Museum

Feeling like taking it slow go to the Pardo Museum and enjoy the beautiful paintings with a personal guide.

Cocktail Workshop 

Our bartenders have been put to work to share all their knowledge and experience with those people in love the world of mixology. 

Helicopter Tour 

See Madrid from above and look down on the beautiful City!

Skydiving Simulator

Everyone can safely experience true freefall conditions in one of the world’s most modern wind tunnels it’s where the dream of flight become a reality.


For a real bonding experience sing a duet or go solo like Beyoncé. Sing and dance in a private karaoke room with your closest friends.

Bungee Jumping

Bungee jumping is an activity that involves jumping from a bridge while connected to a large elastic cord. The thrill comes from the free-falling and the rebound.


Do you want to capture this moment with your friends and family? Book a photoshoot and pick one of the most beautiful of Madrid.


Take a bird’s place for a few minutes and feel freedom. Let yourself be carried and enjoy the breathtaking view.

Humor Amarillo

Give you a really funny break for a moment ! Enjoy spending yourself with your friends in these crazy games. You’ll have memories for life.


The stable and warm climate in Central Spain makes it possible to try a Skydive!