Beer Pong and 5 Drinking Games You’ve Never Played

A party isn’t a party without some drinking games. If you’re bored with drunk Jenga or have flipped enough cups, try some of these games during your next night out.

  1. Beer Pong – You can’t go wrong with a classic. Two teams of two take turns throwing a ping-pong (or table tennis) ball into the other team’s cups at the opposite end of the table. Each cup is partially filled with beer. Any time the opposing team gets a ball in the other team’s cup, one of the cup team’s members has to drink what’s in the cup.
  2. You Don’t Say – Decide on one word that’s off-limits. It should be common enough that odds are you and your friends would normally say it in regular conversation. Every time someone says the word, he or she has to take a drink.
  3. I’m Going to the Bar … – The first person says “I’m going to the bar to get a (insert a drink name).” The next person repeats this and adds another drink. This continues until someone forgets the names or order of the drinks. That person takes a drink. The game begins again.
  4. Straight Face – Everyone gets a small piece of paper and writes a weird or inappropriate sentence on theirs. After the papers are folded and tossed to the center of the table (or into a hat), each player takes turns grabbing one of the papers and reading what’s on it out loud. Anyone who laughs, cracks up, or can’t keep a straight face has to take a drink.
  5. Horror Clichés – Have a horror movie night and take a drink every time you see the following horror movie clichés: cheesy jump scares, whenever someone randomly trips while running away from the killer, and every time someone scary appears in a mirror. You can use this or choose your own favorite ridiculous things that happen in horror movies.
  6. Most Likely – Go around the room with one person asking a question at a time. Each question starts with “Who is most likely to …?” Everyone else points to the person they think is “most likely to.” For every person who points at you, take a drink! Examples: “Who is most likely to … eat food off the floor after the five-second rule?” or “Who is most likely to … have kissed most of the people in this room?”