Seville Fair

Two weeks after Easter, the Seville Fair takes place in Andalusia (home of the capital, Seville). The Seville Fair is a celebration form the 4th of May until 11th of May this year (2019). The Festival starts off with a parade made out of carriages and rides. A group of Seville’s prominent residents are taken to La Real Meastranza, a bullring, where the bullfights and breeders joined. For over 150 years this phenomenon had been a sight to see.

A big area of the riverside of the Guadalquivir river is embellished with heaps of tents where you can dance, drink, eat and party. These ‘casetas’, which means booths in Spanish, belong to those who are prominent in town. In addition to the ‘casetas’, an amusement park is set up with games and all kinds of different rides for people to enjoy and play. Between the 9PM and 7AM is when most of the festivities take place.

The celebration if official when the lights on the portada are turned on. On Monday night it is a tradition to eat fish for dinner, this night is called ‘Noche del Pescaito’. The week is filled with watching the alumbrao together and after going to the booths for food. When the night falls women will normally dress up in flamenco/gypsy clothing and men will wear farmworkers outfits. The nights are spent at the Real.

If you are planning on going to this festival, make sure you are travelling smart. Travel via a bus or train, parking nearby is not recommended and also almost impossible. Travelling by bus of train is easier and better for the environment, win-win situation! Feel free to dress up when visiting this festival, enjoy it like the locals!

While the night is meant to be filled with the fun of drinking and dancing, keep in mind that there are still rules when it comes to partying. The festivities are on a schedule and the tent curtains are to be open only during their designated times. Have fun, be safe, and experience the magic of the Seville Fair.