The Strange Side of Madrid

Madrid is a beautiful city known for its fine cuisine, historic landmarks, and exciting nightlife. But there’s a side of the city not everyone knows about. Here’s a sampling of the strange side of Madrid.

If your vacation isn’t complete without some mummified body parts, the Javier Puerta Museum of Anatomy is for you. It’s located in the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, which is one of the world’s oldest universities. The museum’s collections include artificial body parts (as well as the mummified ones), a bone collection of “thousands of skulls,” and the skeletons of a French farmer and Extremeño Giant.

Can’t get enough morbid curiosities? Head over to Universidad Complutense’s Faculty of Medicine building to find the Reverte Coma Forensic Museum. Professor Reverte Coma’s laboratory of forensic and paleopathology, which was founded in 1980, was the first of its kind in Spain. Here you will find “deformed skulls of ancient cultures, severed heads from executions, torture devices like the real garrote vil that killed the famous Madrid serial killer, ‘Jarabo.’”

While other people are going on tapas and wine tours, history buffs can take a 3.5-hour walking tour on the Spanish Civil War. You’ll learn all about the conflict that began in 1936 and went on for three years. provides a historian to take up to six people at a time around the city to learn about “the most important historical events leading to the rise of fascism in Europe.”

Filed under “What the??” … Did you know there’s a re-creation of a WWII Japanese bunker in Madrid? Yugo The Bunker is a members-only sushi restaurant created by chef Julián Mármol. There’s a Yugo above ground that’s open to the public, so the average Joe can enjoy the sashimi and other delectable Japanese dishes without having to pay 600 euros each year just to have access to Mármol’s private club.